Photographs from 2020, including a few pre-pandemic parties and trips. 

Los Angeles.

Phil and Taylor @ Lady White.

Jules and Chlob.
Neil and Tom were in town with some Ottawa folks.

SF got blessed.

Evan had a party at his studio. I requested Farewell Transmission on the lap steel and was not disappointed. 
Mark and Zack.
Ilan, Brian & Abby.
Last days of skating before shutdown.

Shutdown begins.

Swimming with face sheilds.

Fire season.

Julien and Zoli.

My birthday 2020.

I skated twice in the last year.

Twin Peaks ❤️


Cliff House is gone.

GG Bridge has been quiet. 

Election 2020.

COVID cuts.

Despite this church being closed for COVID, these women would pray outside the doors nearly every morning.  

Get it in.