I’ve been in a creative slump, but more recently I’ve been hanging with friends that I haven’t seen in years which has been a huge inspiration to shoot again. 

Twin Peaks Casey.



China Banks.

Moved to the beach.

After 10 years of being in SF, I finally became an American.

Three legged dog.

Josh Roberston noseblunt.

Joshua Tree.

Mitch was in town.

DJ b/s smith.

Can crusher.

Josh noseblunt at EMB.
Sea Ranch.

Toronto & Niagara for the holidays.

Cliff House exhibit.

I turned 36.

LA for Big Z's bday.

Chlob & Zoli.

Schindler House.

James and Luke were in LA on some work tings.

Luke f/s 5-0 between the knobs.


Beagle was there! Nosegrind on the inside.

James had a party for 90s in the Hollywood Hills.

We got to the hang @ a fancy mansion all week long.

It was directly across from the Stahl House.
♥ you James. Thanks for the hospitality - until next time!