I moved to San Francisco over 6 months ago. Skateboarding is amazing in that you always have a home and family no matter where life takes you.
JP is a great photographer, despite how this photo makes him look.
Spenny's back was giving him trouble so he asked Annette to stand on his chest.
I've been skating with Colton Light every weekend. This is Charlie Pravel throwing his board in the air while Colton films.
Kai Gormsen boardslide at the Embarcadaro.
Calvin Luu feeble pop in.
Dustin Henry.
Andy Pitts bs noseblunt while 80s Joe and Benny Gold watch.
Josh Robertson.
Ben Gore
On a return trip from Toronto, my flight was diverted to Sacramento while descending into San Francisco. A plane previous to mine had came up short while landing and crashed. This was taken a few hours later, after the wreckage was cleaned up and we were allowed to return.