The article ran in SBC magazine 17.2. I also released my first issue of Anyways with a focus on this trip.
A fan at a Real Madrid game. The stadium was a sellout and we barely got nosebleeds. Our backs were up against the wall of the stadium. Everyone smoked cigarettes in our section because it was too high for security to give a shit.
Daniel Spiro is from Oslo. He was writing a book of poetry throughout the trip, and often dressed in flamboyant colors. He would smoke cigarettes and ash them out the window of our Airbnb, onto people's clothing that was hanging out to dry.
Paul Liliani had just gotten on Alien Workshop. He quit skateboarding shortly after this trip.
Jonatan Drab kickflip in Madrid.
Russ Milligan and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Colton Light.
Paul Liliani, Russ Milligan and Charlie Pravel.
Sagrada Familia.
Jonatan Drab nosegrind in Barcelona.
Jonatan Drab bs 50 in Madrid. 
Charlie Pravel feeble up.