The final months of 2018.
A mariachi band at the spot.
Nathan Porter and DJ Rosa.
Kevin, Porter, Pizzle, Salmon, Jesse & Roger.

Nathan Porter.

Jon Worona had a layover.
Built to Spill played in the redwoods.
Deiter Rams documentary at the Castro theater.
Tanner and Christian Kerr (Jenkem) were in town.
Bob Spanbauer.
Ian Wishart fs 360.

Blessed premier.
Mount Tam on my birthday.
Ben Gore and Evan Kinori.
Ben Gore nose manual.
Ben Gore backside boardslide.

Ev frontside boardslide.

The clubhouse.
Mid 90s VIP.

Snack Japan video premier & Anyways issue 3 release party.

Headed to LA with Julien for Evan's Dover Street release.
Halloween fast food.
Phil Proyce and Evan.
Smiths night.
Kinori brothers.
SF was under a thick blanket of smoke for weeks due to the Paradise camp fire. 
WKND came up to SF at the worst possible time but we made the best of it. 
Taylor Caruso frontside noseslide.
Phil Proyce.
Evan Wasser.
Trevor Thompson.
Evan Wasser wallie fs smith.
Toronto for xmas.
Code 3.

Code Canoe.
Jacob (Lewis Cruise) and Nolan Waller.

Bobby and Keith Henry.

Back to SF for some remaining holiday parties and New Years. 

Julien moved to LA after the holidays to persue his writing career. Our late night cruises won’t be the same without him.