The last remaining bits of summer in San Francisco plus a few skate trips to NY, Toronto and Vancouver.
Julien and 80s Joe.
I went to the Grey Area conference; it's kind of an underground, hacker-type scene of artists and techies doing their own thing. This installation would injest three random news articles and produce a new headline using natural language processing.

Tonz backside 180.

Ev frontside blunt.
Timber Timbre at the Independent.

This Charming Band at The Chapel. They got a new Marr that in my opinion isn't as good as the last, but they still kick. I hate to say it, but I have more fun dancing to a Smiths cover band than seeing actual Morrissey.

I took a trip to NYC with the Snack team.
Snack house.
Nathan Porter and his belongings.


Dr. Brown ollie up kickflip.
Roger Krebs bs smith.
DJ and Tanner.
DJ Rosa nosegrind.

DJ Rosa bs 5050.

Manhattan from the BK ferry.

Someone turned the camera on me.

Roger Krebs and Nate Porter.
Sam Zentner.

Brett Weinstein ollie. Very awkward run up - I didn't think it would be possible.
DJ switch backside tailslide.
Quick pitstop in Toronto.




Code 3.
Duke and James.

One last stop in Vancouver before summer's end.
James Abraham.
James backside tailslide.
Mitch frontside blunt.
This series was originally published on Wait Okay (September 2018).