A series of photographs from the first half of 2018. Mostly film point & shoot.
Code Canoe.
No trip to Toronto is complete without a tattoo from Sweet Dave.
Code 3.
We crashed with Frank for a few nights while his lady was out of town.
New Year's Eve started out as a regular day of skating.
I asked if it was fake and it wasn't.
There are a ton of discarded xmas trees on city curbs in January. The drycleaning was just hanging in my apartment lobby.
Jonatan was visiting from Norway.
San Francisco had a few really hot weekends in early January where you could swim in the ocean.
Jason Henry.
DJ Rosa.
San Francisco's mayor died.
Zach Chamblerin and Chris Athens asking for one more try.
Tobin Valverde switch bs 180.
Zack Parker.
Evan Kinori.

Bob Spanbauer. 
Backside wallride.