I went to Japan with Snack Skateboards. The article was published in Medium Magazine. I also released the third issue of Anyways focused on this trip.

Mount Fuji.

Shibuya crossing.

Roger Krebs wallie in Tokyo. This was the first trick on the first day.

This was taken from the 45th floor.
DJ Buzzball. 

Josh Riviere.

Roger Krebs ollie in Tokyo. This was the same day as the wallie.

CJ Kelly feeble in Tokyo.

CJ Kelly & Roger Krebs 5050 late night in Shibuya.

Zushi Beach in Kanagawa Prefecture is a few hours south of Tokyo (by train).

They built a miniramp on the beach (unrelated to our trip). It kinda turned into a Snack demo and confused the locals who were wondering who all the American skaters were.

Shin Sanbongi floats a fs ollie over the channel.

CJ Kelly ollies over a scooter while the rest of us grab beer at Family Mart. The note was from the hostel in Tokyo.
The party kept going for most of the night.
Free Mark.
CJ disappeared for a bit and came back looking like Ziggy Stardust.

Zushi reminded me of Santa Cruz.

Some of us drank too much.

Bonesaw and Adrian Williams.
Saying goodbye as we catch the last train back to Tokyo.
It rained the last few days in Tokyo. We killed some time at FTC watching skate videos from San Francisco. Kinda surreal.

FTC bathroom.

Our Tokyo tour guides. Thanks guys!

It was off to Kobe the next day.
Welcome party.
Josh Riviere and Adrian Williams.
Young Jinn.

Adrian Williams bs tailslide in Kobe.
Family dinner in Kobe. Masa at Shelter really took care of us.
Roger Krebs and CJ Kelly.
For the most part, police were pretty cool with us skating.

Young Jinn no comply tailslide in Kobe.

This photo was the cover of Anyways Issue 3. The girl was a cashier at a vintage clothing store. I don't think she fully understood what her shirt meant.

Josh got a mohawk.

Josh Riviere 360 flip in Kobe.

I left the team at this point and headed back to Tokyo for the last two days. Everyone else headed to Osaka and neighboring cities.
My old friend Max was visiting Tokyo at the same time. He's lived all over Japan, but currently resides in Canada. It was nice to see him.
Another Ottawa OG! Nick also lived in Tokyo for a while, but was just visiting. I met up with him and his friends at Have A Good Time
Nick and a rat in Shibuya.

I spent my last day at the Nezu museum in Tokyo.