The following is from a trip I took with Snack Skateboards in the summer of 2019. A subset of these images can be found in Issue 4 of Anyways.

Roger Krebs (Milan, Italy).

Les boys.

Zack May backside noseblunt in Marseille.
Kenny Hurd.

We ran into Ellington! He was in Milan for business.
Colosseum in Rome.


CJ Kelly backside smith in Marseille. The hills and proximity to water reminded me a lot of SF.

Sunbathing babe.

We stumbled upon a beach party in Marseille. They had a generator and lights and everything. Everybody danced and swam all night.


Roger Krebs backside tailslide in Marseille. 

The Salmon.

Roger Krebs ollie over a pole at the train station in Marseille. We met these kids earlier in the day and they tagged along. Their dad would drive from spot-to-spot and watch us skate while crushing tall cans. 

Roger Krebs backside tailslide (Marseille, France).

I don't feel 34.
Roger wallie/nollie in Rome.

Bike rentals became the choice mode of transport.

Zach and Josh at a Snack party at Nozbone in Paris.

Seth Ramirez.

Seth Ramirez with a tall fs 50 at the Milan train station.

Search for the Gino nollie bs heel gap in Rome.

Passing the time while Josh tries to get a trick.
Josh Riviere 5050 (Marseille, France).

CJ Kelly lipslide at a popular spot along the banks of the Seine in Paris. 

Paris sunset.

This photo is the cover of Anyways Issue 4. I woke up early in Paris one day to check out a popular flea market. There was a car on fire in an adjacent parking lot. Nobody seemed too concerned.

This series was originally published on Wait Okay (October 2020).