Spring and summer in New York City, from two separate trips.
Hamzeh takes some really beautiful travel photographs.
Tanner Lostan fs shuv in Manhattan. I think this spot is gone now.
I met up with my old friend James from Canada who was also visiting NYC. I spent a good part of my early 20s skateboarding with him.
James Abraham 5050. While shooting this photograph, my lawyer called to say I received my green card. I bought two bottles of champagne - one cheap and one expensive. I poured the cheap one all over the street and myself. I split the remaining expensive bottle with James and his friend Rich on the roof of their hostel.
Allen Ying picked me up one night in his new diesel Mercedes. He says it can run on vegitable oil alone. We went to a fancy art party and then dancing. He always has a pulse on good dance spots.
The following day Allen invited me to Rockaway to swim and have dinner at his friend's place.
Bryan Derballa.
Allen let me borrow his waterproof camera. I accidentally exposed a roll of his, but it mostly came back fine.
Allen's friend Annelise lives in Rockaway and runs a clothing company called So Saturday. We had a bbq and danced at her place.
I forget her name but she was Ukranian. I tried speaking to her in Ukranian but I only know a few words.
Everyone drank a bit too much.
The party decided to head to the beach to camp. The cops came and everyone ran and hid in the bushes. One of Allen's friends took the heat (and a ticket) for all of us. We waited in the bushes until the coast was clear, then headed further down the beach in the dark.
We built a fire and set up camp.
Bryan DJ'd the whole night while we danced.
Bryan Derballa and Allen Ying.
We caught an hour or two of sleep before being woken up by the park ranger. We didn't get tickets.
Allen Ying's butt and Evan Collisson. I've known Evan for over a decade through skateboarding. He moved to San Francisco the same month I did. We coincidentally crossed paths at this beach party.
These last two photographs are from Duke Riley's Fly By Night exhibit at the Brookyln Navy Yard. The artist strapped LEDs to hundreds of pigeons and trained them to fly around a docked ship.