A random assortment of photographs from the last month or so in San Francisco.
Bob Spanbauer isn’t even 21 yet but he fits in just fine.
Bob Spanbauer 5050 at Powel street station (North Magazine issue 17).
Jenny turned 30 this year.
Zach Parker ollie over pole.
DJ Rosa noseblunt (North Magazine issue 17).
Bob Spanbauer hippie jump.
Daniel Spiro was visiting from Oslo. He always draws a crowd.
Spenny had a layover in SF so we grabbed margaritas. This cat lady is always in the mission asking for money.
This photo was the cover of Skate Jawn issue 40. I also did collaboration deck with Snack Skateboards and a limited run of prints. People seem to like the photograph - I get tagged on Instagram of it hanging in people's houses. It was from a hill bomb contest held at Delores park every year.
This kid just squeeked by. The cops slowly blocked off any remaining lines - so the contest eventually moved to the sidewalk.
Bob Spanbauer frontside tailslide (Skate Jawn issue 39).