There was a house explosion in the sunset - I think they were making drugs in the basement. 


Josh fs board in GG park.

Halloween @ Evan's studio.
Duster played @ The Chapel.

Group chat went to a Giant's game.

Toronto for the holidays.

Keith and Kathryn.

Frank and Emily.


Josh turned 40 so we went to SLO for the weekend.

Fer slappie blunt.

Mike fs smith.

We visited Christian.

Josh fs crook at the diy.

We all got COVID a few days later, but it was worth it.

Joe Buffalo has been in town.

BS smith.

Josh switch ride on at the Presidio.

Mitch fs nosegrind.

Mount Tam.

I shot an interview with Ben Gore for North mag & these are some extras.

FS wallride.
Out of focus bs flip.

Street jam.


BS wallride.

We had to go back twice for this kickflip because I messed up the timing. I really love how it turned out, but they went with the 35mm version instead.