Bomb to the beach.
Ben and Zack.
Mount Tam. A bottle of water spilled and soaked my camera and film on the ride home - I think that's why the colors are so messed up.
Evan f/s blunt at the Embarcadero.

Ben ollies into a bank.
These are from a leftover roll I forgot to develop from New Years.

Josh Robertson.
Went to LA for the weekend to visit Julien.
Julien Kinori.
These guys played a set in the back of a bookstore one night. Good energy.

Hail Xenu.
We drove past Bukowski's childhood home and were invited inside (it's now an Airbnb rental).

Surfers under the GG bridge.
Ben and Evan have an interview in the new Medium Skate Mag. Below are a few highlights and outtakes from the article.
Evan b/s wallride.
Evan f/s boardslide 270.
Ben kickflip b/s wallride while Zack films.
Ben Gore and his moped.

Ben ollie.
Evan wallie.
Ben b/s nosegrind.
My parents paid a visit to SF.
We went to the MOMA.

Zack 5050.

Tom b/s tailslide.
Paul noseblunt.

Ben kickflip.

The next few are from a previous trip to Toronto - they were on a roll that I never got around to developing (until now).

Frank and his new bike.
Night hike.
Another whale washed up on Ocean Beach.

RIP Pablo.